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You can still download Invoy, though.


If you need help take a look into the Frequently Asked Questions, if you don't find answer to your question send us an email to Because we're busy coding we might take a few days to reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Using Invoy

1. So, I've been messing around with Invoy, but now I want to do real stuff. How can I reset Invoy?

Quit Invoy. Trash the preference file ~/Library/Preferences/com.emptyfactory.Invoy.plist and the support files + DB in ~/Library/Application Support/Invoy/ (You can drag the that Invoy directory to the trash). Restart Invoy and everything will be cleaned up.

2. How can I restore a backup?

Quit Invoy. Rename the current DB (~/Library/Application Support/Invoy/Invoy.db) to another name. Locate the file you want to restore in ~/Library/Application Support/Invoy/Backups/ and copy it to the parent directory (~/Library/Application Support/Invoy/) and finally rename it to Invoy.db. Restart Invoy.

The backup file will have the following format: Invoy_yyyymmdd-hhmmss.db.

3. What's that SAFT export format?

SAFT is an export format required by the Portuguese law for audit purposes. It's based on a OCDE format. If your country also requires it, send us an e-mail to

Serial Number / Activation

1. I lost my serial number!

Just write us to, we'll look at it manually. We're already working on an automated system to retreive lost serials. It should be available soon.

2. I'm unable to unlock Invoy. The server times out!

Aside the rare server downtime, there are two reasons for that: Using a firewall app (i.e. Little Snitch) - turn it off temporarily to unlock Invoy; or Using a badly behaviored web proxy - Try the unlock in a network that doesn't have a proxy or that allows disabling it.


1. Invoy documents aren't localized in my language.

Write us with more details to, and we'll be happy to add support for your language in the next version.

2. I have my OS in English, but I want to use the app in Portuguese.

Sure: Quit Invoy. Control-click the Invoy app icon in the Finder, choose Get Info > Languages and deselect all languages you don't want leaving Portuguese. Update: Unfortunately this feature was removed from Snow Leopard. This will only work on Tiger and Leopard.

4. Does Invoy support Canadian-style taxes?

No. Maybe in a future version.

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